Top 5 College Degrees That Are Actually Worth It (2021)

Shane Hummus · 1,225,042 views
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In this stellar presentation I will be shining a light on which degrees you should ACTUALLY consider spending your hard earned time and money on and which ones you should avoid like wet floors


So this is obviously a hugely controversial topic that is raging in our society today. In one camp you have the Pro College side that basically thinks that going to college is the key to success and everyone should do it if they want to be successful. In the other camp (very common here on youtube), you have the side that thinks college is a giant scam and we're all falling for it.

Everyone's situation is different and you should make the decision on whether or not to go to college based on your unique situation

Now in MOST situations, you should NOT go to college if you're passionate about a field where there's not much money. You would be way better off just working in the field, maybe spend your time becoming an influencer in that field or something like that. That experience would be WAY better for you.

I'll give you an example of a passion of mine that i've kept as a hobby: History. I absolutely love history. Reading about ancient Rome, Genghis Khan, and even as far back as how life evolved in Africa is incredible fascinating to me. I absolutely love reading about these things but I probably wouldn't make any money if I got a history degree.

A much better idea would be for me to start a youtube channel about history. Four years of doing that wouldn't cost much, I'd learn a lot and I guarantee that four years of doing that would make you damn good at it.

Compare that to 4 years of going to college and then you finally get a degree and you've forgotten most of what you learned. You're also probably $40k in debt and can't find a job

The thing is, anything worth building takes TIME, rarely do people ever become overnight successes and even when it does happen you end up finding out later on that they worked for YEARS learning how to perfect their craft before they "blew up overnight"

Years of working in the dark with no pay, no recognition and no influence

Just grinding away and mastering their craft

Then they "blew up", if they hadn't spent all of that time they never would have blown up

This is why I really think the safe bet is to get a safe, stable career and then use that as stable ground to launch off of. Have stability and then chase your passion on the side. It will probably take years to take off so you will need that stability in order to launch

Pay: This one is obvious, if everyone is making $30k a year its obvious that society doesn't value the job enough to pay well. Whether this is right or wrong (teachers being an example, they should definitely be paid more), it is what it is and you need to recognize and accept this. Choose a field that pays at least (on average) $60k+ a year, preferably $80k a year. This does vary depending on how expensive the place you live is of course

Job Satisfaction Ratings:
This one is so important. I see SO MANY people wanting to become doctors, its crazy. I tell them to look into the job satisfaction rating for MDs and its HORRIBLE. MDs are depressed and miserable with their jobs to the point where many switch careers or even end it... Very sad to see. Even though they're making really good money, they get a lot of respect from people in society etc etc it's just crazy and the reason for this is all of the red tape and regulations as well as the huge amount of pressure working those long hours in the stressed environment. Everyone seems to be completely unaware of this and they want to be doctors for some reason and it blows my mind. There are better careers in the medical field to get into in my opinion that have all of the perks without the downsides but thats a topic for another video

A general rule of thumb is to not go into a field that's dying or has no demand. This is just a recipe for disaster. You will be fighting other people for job openings, won't be able to find a good job in a desirable location, will have to accept lower pay, worse benefits, being treated badly because they could easily replace you, etc etc etc... It's just not a good move to make

If you take these 4 things into account when choosing the career you want to go into you will make a solid decision and set yourself up to become rich, retire, travel, chase your dreams and live a fulfilling life.

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