Top 10 Health Majors (Best Health Degrees)

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This video is going to be all about the best health majors and health degrees out there

This was a highly requested video and it took me awhile to make because I wanted to do the proper research on it


Health science degrees are some of the best options out there in my opinion (although I am biased as a Pharmacist myself)

The demand is incredible (by far the best demand out of any type of degree or career field), the pay is good, and the work is meaningful as you get to help people for a living

However they can be really difficult to rank because there are so many different variations

2 year associate level degrees like registered nurse (RN), 4 year bachelor degrees like BSN (
Bachelor of science in nursing), 6 year master level degrees such as Physician Assistant (PA), or even 8 year doctoral level degrees such as MD (Medical Doctor)

Comparing a 2 year degree to an 8 year degree is like comparing apples to oranges in many ways, so this video was surprisingly difficult to make

My main philosophy on this channel is to go with a career or major that aligns with your goals

So if your goal is to eventually make $75k a year in a career that you like, maybe a 2 year degree would be better for you

If you want to go all out and retire early, maybe a 6 year degree would be better for you

Hopefully this video will help you choose if you're interested in a health care degree

By the way, to they people that leave comments like "Money isn't everything, don't think about money when choosing a degree, just go with your passion"...

1) I agree that you should take passion into consideration as well as money (since that's the point of a job after all). I've make videos about that in the past and will into the future
2) This is a personal finance channel, so I talk about things related to finances on this channel


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