Red Roses Nail Art for Beginners | Hand Painted Rose Nails ROMANTIC

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Romantic handpainted nails covered in red roses for any romantic occasion! Find this in the nail art for beginners playlist, but find TONS of different rose #nailart designs by searching "robin moses roses" on youtube and get tons of different ideas and techniques that cost pennies to recreate and can never be taken from you! It is a technique that is timeless and just as fun for me today than it was to paint on nails 20 years ago! Please spread the word and shout out your teachers and mentors for all they do to see YOUR success through! #inspiredbyrobinmoses ! Support my channels success by getting brushes at online and see how much easier it is to learn when we all have the same tools. Start with the wand, but know that the unicorn is essential (more to come!) Love you guys! Join me and spread the word, 2019 is the year of learning how beneficial hand painting is for the soul! #redrosenails #nailart #handpaintednails
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