Is Becoming A Medical Doctor Overrated?

Shane Hummus · 93,382 views
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Is Becoming a Medical Doctor Overrated? It definitely is for a lot of people and in this video I will go over why that is.

Needed to get this one out there is hopes that I save a few people from falling for this one. So many smart, young, ambitious people try to become a medical doctor for all of the wrong reasons and it's so common that I'm surprised it isn't a meme by this point. Or maybe it is? Let me know in the comments



Anyways I want to make it REALLY CLEAR that in no way am I looking down on doctors, they're awesome and they deserve all of the respect that they get. The point I'm trying to make with this video is that most people don't know what they're getting into, they go into it with the wrong intentions, and many of them regret their decisions afterwards.


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