FREE Money For College (How To Pay For College 101)

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It’s extremely easy to get free money for college if you know where to look but there are a lot of sources out there that want your money and they aren’t really helpful. Watch this video so you don’t have to waste your time and money trying these services out, this is a practical guide for paying for college and graduating debt free.



You want to start as early as possible (preferably start junior year of high school) because this will give you more time to gather more scholarships but this works no matter when you start doing it

So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to start with the lowest hanging fruit and by that I mean the easiest free money you can get. So the first thing you should do is get your rich parents to pay for everything. Just kidding, we’re going to assume that you’re poor like I was and your family isn’t going to help you out at all

The first thing you want to do is to go to your highschool guidance counselor and ask about high school scholarships and local scholarships. These are the low hanging fruit of the scholarship world and if you are even a halfway decent student you will end up getting a ton of these by just applying for them. A bunch of these only have a few applicants so you will be a slam dunk for these easy scholarships and the review committee will have to wipe their drool off of your application before presenting you with the check

The next thing you want to do is look at the websites of the colleges you’re applying to in order to see what scholarships they offer. Now one secret tip here is I to actually call the financial aid office to ask what scholarships are available as sometimes not all of the scholarships are posted on the website. These are often the biggest and most impactful scholarships and an important point here is to apply to a bunch of different colleges and then go with the one that offers you the best scholarships and most money because for whatever reason some offer a lot more than others and it’s kind of random

Like I said before these are the biggest scholarships you will get and oftentimes these will pay for the majority of your tuition so put a priority on finding these, money talks and you have to be a savage here and even if you had your heart set on one school if they don’t offer you enough scholarships you gotta put put an ex through that

The next step is to look for essay contests and the big reason you should look into these is because a lot of the time they aren’t advertised as scholarships but money is money, gnomesaiyan? This one is probably the biggest secret on the list and the least utilized because most high school students are honestly too lazy to write essays. But the secret here is you are going to get basically the same 5-10 essay prompts over and over again and so all you really have to do is take a weekend off and write 5-10 essays then just copy and paste and make little changes here and there when you’re applying to these essay contests.

There is way less competition here than normal scholarships because not that many people know about them and one key takeaway here is to just apply to as many of these as you possibly can because a lot of the time they get 0 applicants and you can end up winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place even if you don’t think you’re qualified.

I know a guy who entered a contest for minorities even though he was as white as paper and he won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the only reason I’m saying this is to just illustrate that you should just apply to as many as possible

The next thing you should do is to look into your social and professional network. And by this I mean if you work somewhere check to see if your work offers scholarships, check to see if your parents employer offers scholarships, check your church or mosque or whatever you go to to see if they offer scholarships, check your extended families employers to see if they offer scholarships, you get the idea. This one is another one that’s a low hanging fruit and if you meet the requirements you have a really good chance of getting some great scholarships because noone applies for these