Alternative French Tips Inspired by Rain on Me

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Hi everyone

Today we’re doing Ariana Grande/Lady Gaga inspired nails.

We’re doing the white, minimal eyeliner that both the artists wear. I’m going to start with a base coat because I’m going to wear these tips.

I’m going to do two coats of Cashmere to create a nail bed colour and use a brush with gel residue solution to neaten up the edge. On the pinky ad the thumb, I’m doing a full nail of Cashmere and the other three nails with have the smile line. I’m doing to remove the sticky layer. I’m going to line my smile line with Snow White to frame it. I’m then going to tip the edge with Snow White and connect the very edges of each smile line to create a frame of the clear section of the nail.

I’m going to frame the full cover nails with Snow White too. On one of the smile line nails, I’m going to add a line in the centre of the nail to split it in half. I’ll then Matte Top Coat. I’m going to finish off with stones to make them look like rain drops.

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Love Kirsty




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Acrygel Tube - Loud and Clear -
AB Crystals Clear -

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Clear Acrylic Powder -
Natural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder -
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Nail Prep/Dehydrator -
Acid Free Nail Primer -
Acid Based Nail Primer 15ml – -
Gel Residue Remover 120ml -
Maximum Adhesion -
240ml Medium Speed Acrylic Monomer –
480ml High Speed Acrylic Liquid –
Dotting Tool -
240/240 Grit File -
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Buffer -
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