$37k to $125k+ Self-taught Software Engineer

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Earn Money By Coding - Make Money By Programming | Self Taught Software Engineer

Hey! In this video, I'll be sharing how I went from making $37.5K as a Business Analyst to over $125K+ by teaching myself how to code and became a self taught software engineer. I'll be sharing insights into software engineering salaries in this video as well, so stay tuned.

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0:32 My background
1:02 My job before becoming a software engineer
1:28 Why I decided to start learning to code
2:20 How I taught myself to code
3:38 How I studied before quitting my job
4:47 Why I went to a bootcamp after learning to code on my own
5:49 How a stranger from Twitter gave me my first job offer
6:42 My first official job offer
8:06 Plot Twist…
9:45 How I made six figures

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